Google Cash Kit Ads on Facebook are receiving an increasing number of scam and ripoff complaints. A number of seemingly different advertisements on how to make more money have recently appeared in my Facebook account, and are likely in yours as well. There are at least three more variations to what you see below, which are not linked to websites and are screenshots out of my Facebook account.
Google Cash Scam Advertised on FacebookGoogle Cash Scam from Facebook AdScam Ad for Google Cash on Facebook
Most of these ads are going to or a variation of it. This is described in a blog post “a new twist to an old scam.” The blog post specifically mentions three websites, but there are MANY more in the same vein, seen in this scam alert website list.

While I do not know what the “Google Cash Kit” is, it probably should not be confused with the Google Cash e-book by Chris Carpenter, which sells for $67 from or That e-book has also been called a scam, but it is a book you pay once for. A book that you must take action on and experiment using its tips, spending money in the process. This is not free or easy money! The Google Cash e-book is neither the best nor the worst book for basic information regarding affiliate marketing and paid search and some of the complaints about it are as a result of it being out of date, which is the nature of books about the Internet.

Your best bet is to stay away from anything called “Google Cash” and spend your money elsewhere.

UPDATE (April 30, 2009): In hindsight, Google Cash by Chris Carpenter is a decent e-book. Combined with the knowledge that can be gained from the bonuses, the whole package may be worth $67.

If you continue to be interested in making money online, but want to stay away from Google Cash Kit and the e-book, one of the newest affiliate marketing methods out there, which is easy to understand, is Twitter Traffic Machine at just $27.

UPDATE (June 11, 2009): Comments are now closed. Thank you for all of the feedback and for keeping others up to date about the questionable nature of these websites. These websites appear to be deceiving enough in their nature that others have and will continue to make a determination that these are scams. Just remember, always read the fine print carefully!

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